Sunday, July 12, 2015

I Can Adult

So! It has yet again been a huge chunk of time since I last blogged (I  blame school!)

Just real quick I'm going to cap up all the things I've done since January so bear with me... I hope to make this blog a bit more regular with fun posts about my new hobby (See an upcoming post to find out what the hobby is!!)

So I finished out my last semester of my undergraduate! I worked full time at my job with the troubled youth and continued on at my internship as a medical social worker at McKay-Dee Hospital. I switched floors though and had a much more interesting time there and truly learned a lot.  I worked on the Surgery floor and got to see a much wider variety of things.  I worked with patients who were in car accidents, gang stabbings, as well as people having their appendix removed. It offered a lot more variety and a lot more ways I could help.  I got really good at talking to drug addicts/alcoholics during this time period as well as really helping people more than the usual walker.

Something else I really loved about the second half of my semester was the opportunity I got to sit in on a support group for cancer victims.  This was a really amazing experience as a future social worker to see how a group really works with all it's dynamics. It was also really great to get to see strangers come together to support each other--I was able to witness some pretty touching moments which seriously tested my ability to not cry and seem professional. All in all a pretty great experience! AND.....

I graduated!! It was (and still is) a kind of surreal experience to think that I've earned a degree and will not be attending school this fall. It hasn't sunk in yet and to be honest a big part of me is kind of scared to get out there and be a real adult.  Being a student is a lot less scary than being an adult because now people are going to assume I've got my act together and that I'm "responsible"... whatever that means!! I really am glad to have graduated and look forward to when I'll head back to get my Master's Degree in Social Work. In this same vein I took my licensing exam, PASSED, and recieved my official Social Work license! That's right--I can now officially call myself a social worker! Still seems weird... still tell people when I meet them that I'm going into social work and have to correct myself to say that I actually am a social worker.

I didn't really do much beside school and internship besides go on adventures with Brooks spend time with my family:

Grandpa... what fun!

We found Buffalo!

Emmaline & Lydia

I'll go ahead a have a completely different post for my trip! 

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